Ways teachers can organize teaching to encourage high achievements in the classroom

The following are some factors related to high achievement and some suggested ways teachers can organize teaching to encourage high achievement in the classroom.

When teaching is designed so that student active participation in the learning activity is demanded, attention is usually higher.


For example, asking all students to hold up a card giving the sum of two numbers,(or the derivative of a given function, or the gradient of a line) is better than calling only one student to answer.

Teachers’ strategies for selecting students to participate during discussion influence attention and active participation. Thus, a teacher who calls only on volunteers to answer questions will find that other students will stop paying attention.
For successful lessons, it is desirable to keep the lesson moving at an even pace, to try to prevent interruptions, and to select activities that will involve and stimulate the students.



Learning is most efficient when students can identify points where they need help and then obtain it. This, willingness to initiate contact with the teacher promoted learning.
Teachers should let students know when they could and should demonstrate initiative, this encouraging this behavior.


Students who see a task as worthwhile and understand clearly how to complete it are more likely to continue to work at it.
This, teachers need to further students’ understanding by making clear how any particular work should be done and what the reasons are for doing it.



Students’ long-term achievement is positively related to their success in daily classroom tasks. Therefore,
a) Assignments should be matched to students’ abilities.

b) work in progress should be monitored and prompt feedback provided. if a student makes a mistake and for not realize it, this may affect his/her performance on the rest of the task.

Teachers should follow these ways to ensure success in their lesson delivery.

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