Peki College of Education elects new SRC leaders

The tenure of office of 2019/2020
SRC leadership had ended as stipulated by the constitution of the SRC and there was the need for an election to be conducted. However, there was a delay in conducting an election for the 2020/2021 academic year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

After several consultations and deliberations, management in consultation with the acting SRC opened nominations for the various leadership portfolios on Friday, the 26th of March 2021.


The initial response to the application wasn’t encouraging as lew students vied for the vacant positions and as a result Portfolios such as Entertainment Perfect, Secretary, the General Secretary, and The President were all unopposed positions.

Results of the vetting of the aspirants were finally declared on 28th March.


The first part of the collection took place on the 30th of March,2021 comprising of the level 300 students and level 100 students while the second part of the election took place on the
2nd of April, 2021 after the arrival of the level 200 students on campus for their End of semester exams.

The outcome of the elections declared all unopposed aspirants winners based on a major
type of a “yes” vote except for the position of the General Secretary by which Mr. Double Elkanah Sitsofe emerged as the winner.

Mr. Augustine Asamoah, the President-elect, has begun working on appointments of other
capable individuals for other positions as required by the Constitution of the SRC for a
a swift change of leadership.

Peki College of Education now known as Government College of Education is a teacher education college in Peki (South Dayi District, Volta Region, Ghana).


The college is located in Volta Zone. It is one of the about 40 public colleges of education in Ghana. The college participated in the DFID-funded T-TEL program.

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