Meet Izay, the Comic Teacher


The Ghanaian entertainment industry has for the past years seen a lot of revolutions. Revolving through music, art and culture, movies, and currently comedy. Acting or comedy has become a tool for fun now in Ghana and most of the time, end up educating its viewers.

Known as Jordan Izay on stage, Ankrah Joseph Noah, a teacher trainee from the Akatsi College of Education seems to be the next face of comedy in Ghana.

Ankrah. Joseph Noah started his carrier in entertainment at the age of 15 and currently has featured in most Ghanaian Comic Series including CAMPUS LOVE.
ailing from Agortime Afegame in the Volta Region, Izay has been a motivator, musician, songwriter, and producer among others. He is currently the reigning King of Akatsico.

It has been his dream to serve as a motivator for kids hence his interest in the Teaching Profession. According to him, seeing kids happy makes him happy.

Izay believes that the Ghanaian comedy industry has not been up and doing. He is of the view that it has not been impacting much on the youth hence not educating the open audience on social media.
You can get most of his works on @jordan_izay on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or youtube via Jordanlzayofficial.

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