Reasons why Ghana is not developing

Ghana is affected by pressures and problems, some from within Ghana and some from the international community. We need to deal with our internal problems so that we are better fitted to deal with those from outside.

Aid dependency


Ghana is considered as one of the world’s poorer nations,
foreign governments give us aid. Unfortunately, it is too easy to become dependent on handouts from richer countries rather than becoming self-reliant. This dependency may also allow foreign governments and international organizations to tell us how we should run our country. Here are the reasons why is not developing as a country;


High dependency on primary production.

Most of our exports are primary products, such as gold, cocoa, and timber. These do not fetch high prices on world markets, and the prices they do fetch are not under our control. We would earn more foreign exchange and provide for our own needs better if we diversified into the secondary industry: for example, producing gold jewelry, furniture, packets of dried bananas, and chocolate bars.


Ghana is rated internationally as seriously corrupt. A special index is produced internationally by a group called Transparency International. This rates around 100 countries on a corruption index.
High scores out of 10 show a low level of corruption (a high level of transparency); low scores show a high level of corruption.

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