How to use the brainstorming method in teaching students

Brainstorming is the name sometimes given to the general discussion session during which people express ideas freely. True brainstorm is a technique for generating ideas or a variety of solutions to a problem. It is best used with groups between 5 and 20 students or learners. There are four district stages in the brainstorming, which must be followed in order. Brainstorming involved the following stages;

Defining the problem for which solutions are required all members of the group must be clear about the idea that they are trying to produce.


In the brainstorm itself, the teacher or the group leader invites suggestions or ideas. He records these on the board or an overhead projector as quickly as possible. All ideas are recorded no matter whosoever makes them and however silly or inappropriate they may seem. No discussion or classification of any kind is permitted. This stage continues until the ideas are exhausted. The leader should have some knowledge on ideas to suggest when the ideas from the members are not enough. This is done to start the flow again.

Review each of the suggestions is reviewed so that; it clear to every student in the classroom.
A decision is made to keep the suggestions on the list for further discussion or to throw them out. The main purpose is not to determine whether the idea suggested is good or not, simply to decide whether it is worth discussing. Repetition is one reason for throwing out suggestions.


Discussion:- the remaining ideas are discussed to decide which suggestions to accept and to develop further.

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