Importance of instructional skills to the learner

Instructional skills include questioning skills, class management skills, lesson planning skills, oral language skills, observation skills, skills in handling disruptive behavior, and many more.
Instructional skill is therefore the ability to structure, order or organize information meaningfully for learners to receive it easily in a lesson, instructional skills will benefit the individual learners by being able to;
Discover, create and express meaning. This emanates from the fact that the individual will learn to establish good objectives, draw good plans and achieve a better understanding of issues. All these come from what the pupil will be taken through in the course of instruction

Develop a rational power. The ability to think rationally and logically comes from experiencing it in the classroom. The proper sequence in teaching activities, logical questions being asked, and conclusions are drawn in classroom instruction, help develop a relational power.


Develop a quest for knowledge. The outcome of a good lesson should always stimulate a pupil to want either use it or know more about it. This means that experiencing good instructional skills will make the pupil love what is being learned, understand it, love the subject, and always want to learn more of it.

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