St.Teresa’s College of Education matriculates its Third Batch of B.Ed Program


On the 26th of February, 2021. St.Teresa’s Of Education held their matriculation ceremony for the third batch for the B. Ed Programme.
It all started with the procession of the College’s choir leading the Principal and her Vice Principal, College Secretary, Heads of Departments, tutors, and the Reverend Father.

The opening prayer was said by the College Reverend Father committing the
ceremony into the hands of the Almighty Father. After which the college’s anthem was sung by the congregation.

Later on, the College Secretary, Mr. Thaddeus Kokobina address the congregation by welcoming the newly admitted students into the College.

The ceremony continued with each of the three heads of Departments thus; Early Childhood, Home Economics, and Primary Education swearing in 272 students into their various departments, thus, 44,63, and 165 respectively.

The principal, Miss Sophia Micah accepted the students and continued by giving her speech. In her speech, she urges the students to study hard so that they can accomplish their aim of coming to the College and also become competent teachers in the basic

She further added that students were admitted based on their performance and not using bribery. “If any of you were admitted through a bribe, go for money,” she said.

Ending her delivery, she advised that students should continue to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols to help prevent the spread of the disease as well as contracting it. She thanked everyone for attending the program and congratulated the students.

After the Principal’s message, the choir sang melodious songs to jubilate the occasion the student’s bodies were also very happy to finally be part of the College.

The Reverend Father was called upon to close the occasion with a prayer and finally, the choir led the dignitaries to depart from the hall.
The matriculation form was signed by the students to signify that they have been matriculated.

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