Tumu College of Education SRC secures land for the Construction of A New Secretariat

The SRC Executive board of Tumu
College of Education led by Mr. Danyi Dery Gouldomo Elvis has secured land for the construction of a secretariat. The team of Executives led by the President met the college principal on the 25th of March 2021 to finalize discussions on the acquisition of land to build a new SRC secretariat for the school as part of their projects.

The leadership having noted the various challenges that come with not having a convenient place for meetings deemed it necessary to construct a new and bigger secretariat. They stated the reasons for this new construction as that the existing SRC secretariat is very small and cannot contain all the secretariat resources.

The fact that it can’t hold all executives during board meetings is also a contributing factor.
This and many other reasons are what has called for the construction of a new and bigger secretariat for the school to make it casy for the SRC to keep their resources safe and secured.

The SRC President, Mr. Danyi Dery Gouldomo Elvis in an exclusive interview told our news team that “The land will be handed over to the contractor very soon to start working on it before the end of his tenure as the SRC President.

He also added that the students of the college should be assured that the leadership is working in their interest and therefore they should trust and be willing to support them at all times.

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