Why is discipline necessary?

Discipline teaches the following:
Respect for authority

In any democracy, laws must be obeyed by the vast majority of the people or the result is chaos and anarchy. In a successful business, the president or chairman has to be able to issue
directives that will be followed by the employees. If the clerks and typists have no respect for authority and only do those
things that they feel like doing there will be no progress, and the business will collapse. Teachers have to respect and obey their prIncipals, and principals for their part have to abide by instructions given by the Ministry responsible for Education. Ministry officials in their tum are subject to the Federal Government. In all walks of life, people have to respect authority. Even presidents are not wholly autonomous. They too have to listen to their advisers before coming to important decisions.

Co-operate effort
Any society or community venture that aims to come out with something worthwhile, whether in digging irrigation ditches or active farming, close cooperation among those involved is of utmost necessity if time, energy, and money are to be used effectively and efficiently. One of the teacher’s basic aims should be to instill a spirit of co-operation in his students.

They can be taught to co-operate not only with the teacher also with each other, learning will proceed at a much faster pace. By putting the needs of the group before their own they will be practicing self-discipline.

The need for organization

Planning is an essential prerequisite for any program of activities, and this implies organization and order. University or college students have to organize their reading habits to complete their assignments on time as well as to revise for examinations. They cannot afford to read at random.
The organization is a form of discipline, and secondary school students need to see its value. This they can do by observing how their teacher organizes the sequence of learning experiences and activities in their class.

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