Emmanuel Kwesi Kusedzi Writes: The Importance Of The Girl Child In Digitization

By | October 11, 2021

Emmanuel Kwesi Kusedzi Writes: The Importance Of The Girl Child In Digitization

The need to showcase and accept the new normal(digitalization) as well as the call to bridge the gap among boys and girls in the world has raised a statue of the digital world. The effects outbreak due to the COVID-19 pandemic was clear indications that the world is evolving and technology is gradually taking over space. Most organizations and schools were forced to begin remote working, and now, it’s almost impossible to communicate, work or learn effectively without the help of technology.
This recent development has increased the need for persons with digital skills around the world.

Data from the Economist Intelligence Unit showed that men remain 21% more likely to be online than women, rising to 52% in the world’s least developed countries. On personal research via my social media handles, I realize females find it difficult to share their thoughts on issues as compared to males in the global digital platforms. This shows that there is a huge difference between boys and girls who have Internet access and use it effectively.

When women and girls have access to the Internet, it gives them a better opportunity to expand their horizons by learning new things, starting and growing new businesses, running certified courses as well as imbibing new skills. Digital literacy is important to every girl for the following reasons:


Almost all organizations have a certain percentage of their clientele online hence the increased demand for web and mobile app developers, graphic designers, digital sales agents, etc. With the level of unemployment in Nigeria, you need a little ‘EXTRA’ ability to set you apart from the regular stuff. Having at least one of these skills offers you a higher opportunity than one with just the regular degree. When you are good at a skill, you will always be relevant.


Having at least one digital skill helps you grow and promote your business in the digital space. You can even decide to be a freelancer and work at your convenience. Allows them to share their experiences and problems they face in their places of work and educational institutions.


If you are looking to get a great job with a mouth-watering offer then your best bet is to acquire digital skills. As long as you are good at what you do, you will always be sort after.


The gender gap in digital skills is a global problem, but if every girl can acquire at least one digital skill, we can succeed in bridging the gap.

As technology takes over, the need for more digitally skilled individuals will be on a rise. So irrespective of your profession or position take up this opportunity, learn a digital skill now!

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