UCC Releases Colleges Of Education End Of Semester Results

CC Releases Colleges Of Education End Of Semester Results

UCC Releases Colleges Of Education End Of Semester Results

The Management Of the University Of Cape Coast has officially released Third Year End Of Second Semester Examination Results For Colleges Of Education affiliated with the University.

The results came with the performance of the students in general courses as well as the academic performance of each College Of Education.

Generally, the average performance of the candidates was grade B (70.46%). In the core courses, the candidate’s performance was high in EBS 349 (School Management and Administration), in which 8324 (55.64%) of the candidates had at least. grade B+. Candidates who scored grade D+ or D were 424 (2.836), with an 08 (0.05%) candidate recording grade E.
The mean and standard deviation (SD) for the paper were B (74.986) and 7.35 respectively.

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The candidate’s performance was low in EBS 348 (Educational Statistics) with 1507 (10.06%) of them scoring grade B+ or better. Candidates who scored gradcandidate’swere 5505 (36.72%) with 888 (5.92%) scoring grade E. The mean score was grade C (61.81%) with a standard deviation (SD) of 9.50.
About the elective courses, the candidates” performance in EBS376J DA (Ghanaian Language and Culture: Syntax) was high, with 20(90.91%) of them scoring at least. grade B

No candidate scored candidate’s C+. The paper had a mean score of A (81.64%) and an SD of 5.93. The candidates” performance was low in EBs 350 (Statistics and Probability ). in which 827 (24.92%) had at least a grade of B+. Candidates who recorded grade D+ or D were 879 (26.49%%), with 353 (10.64%) scoring grades About ore of the paper was grade C (64.586) and SD of 13.18.

of The high standard deviation of 9.88 associated with the mean scores of the candidates shows that some of the candidates obtained high scores while others obtained low scores.

Download the full document below:

Level 400 Results Summary

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