An Expert Advises The Government On The Payment Of Teacher And Nursing Trainees’ Allowances

An expert advises the government on payment of teachers and nursing Trainees Allowances.

An expert Advices the government on the payment of teacher and nursing Trainees’ Allowances.

There are a lot of issues concerning the payment of trainees’ allowances amidst the economic situation in the country.
A former senior governance adviser at the United Nations, Prof. Baffour Agyeman Duah, has advised the government to review several policies including the nursing Trainees”’ Allowances.
In an interview hosted by Francis Abban on Morning Start, on Wednesday, Mr. Agyeman Duah noted that paying nursing Trainees Allowances was a political promise by the president.
According to him, the trainee’s allowance had been scrapped and reinstated again so he thought it has to be scrapped again.
“It was a political promise and now we can’t sustain it financially” he added.
Also, according to him, ” As we are spanning nurses’ education, it means the financial support will be widened”.
Moreover, Mr. Agyeman asked if the government will want to continue paying nurses and teacher trainees allowances, ” where will the government get the money from?”
However, he urged Ghanaian voters to question politicians when they mount political platforms with unrealistic promises.
Mr. Agyeman charged the media to scrutinize the promises of politicians.
Furthermore, according to him, ” First Politicians, I hope they are learning these lessons but unfortunately, historically, we don’t find politicians learning from their history.
Not only that but he also said ” When you have a gullible public than anything you say perhaps will immediately fascinate cheers.
He ended by urging politicians to give realistic promises.


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