Trade Union Congress To Embark On Strike *Check Details*

Trade Union Congress to embark on Strike

Trade Union Congress to embark on Strike.
The Trade Union Congress has announced decisions to embark on Strike if the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo does not announce salary increment.
According to the Secretary General of the Trade Union Congress, Dr. Yaw Baah, he asked the government not to hide behind Covid 19 and the tension between Russia and Ukraine not to increase salaries.
Speaking at a forum in Accra on 21st April, 2022, he said ” Employers should index our pay to the inflation because the employers change the prices of their goods so the inflation rates does not affect them the it is affecting us therefore , we should get our salaries indexed.
“Don’t let us rely too much on government and employers. Let us ask ourselves what can we do for ourselves as workers and unions?
We will negotiate effectively this year and that one I want to assure you that I that negotiation . “We will continue to talk , we will continue to negotiate but if the dialogue fails we are going to embark on an industrial action that has never happened in this country”.
Moreover, Dr. Yaw Baah said the Trade Union Congress has assessed the pensions situation in Ghana and has come to the conclusion that their condition is terrible. He revealed that many pensioners are dying prematurely because they receive as low as Ghc300 a month.
He further stated this situation must change because pensioners do not have the energy at age 60 to engage in aggressive work for survival hence, their dependence on the pension.

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