Salaries of MPs In Ghana 2022, Full Details

Salaries of MPs In Ghana 2022

About Salaries of MPs In Ghana

Salaries of MPs In Ghana 2022, Full Details


The Members of Parliament (MP) form the legislative arm of government. An MP is a citizen who represents his/her constituency through an election, either through a political affiliation /or as an independent candidate.

After a candidate wins an election and has been declared a victor by the electoral body, thus the Electoral commission, all things being equal, he/she will spend 4 years as a Member of Parliament for his or her constituency.


Currently, there are 275 Member of Parliaments of which both NDC and NPP have 137 members each and an independent candidate. The ratio of male MP’s to their female counterparts is 47:8 as there are 235 male MP’s and 40 female MP’s in the eighth parliament of the Republic of Ghana.

One may be wondering what the duties /or responsibilities of those they elect to represent them in the Parliament. If you find yourself in this dilemma, then your worries are about to end.

Duties of an MP

• An MP acts as a representative: Parliament as known to all is the law-making body of the country. Hence every constituency must produce a representative to ensure equality and fairness in all activities.


An MP elected must represent his or her electorates in parliament. The member of parliament must be a good public speaker as he or she is regarded as the link between his or her people and the government.

He/she channels the concerns of the people to the parliament for consideration.

• An MP has a legislative function: The main aim of parliament and its members is lawmaking. In the Ghanaian parliament, the MPs are backed by law to pass bills into law. But there is a limitation to their actions.

They are not allowed to pass laws that infringe on the fundamental human rights of citizens.

• Duty to deliberate on parliamentary affairs: Aside from making laws for the county, MP also partakes in parliamentary deliberations. MP’s deliberate on national issues raised by members of parliament or the minister of state.


Parliament workers are rewarded handsomely at the end of every month of which MP’s are of no exemption.

Here are the compiled payment details of the country’s law passers (MP).

The salary of the speaker of parliament is GH¢35,021.00, first deputy speaker and the majority leader earn GH¢33,270.00

The minority leader earns GH¢32,832.00. The deputy majority and minority leaders earn GH¢31,519.00 and GH¢31,081.00 respectively.

How much does MP earn monthly?

A member of parliament who is a Minister of State, a regional minister, or a majority chief whip is paid GH¢30,644.00. The minority chief whip, the first majority whip, and first minority whip are paid GH¢30,206.00, GH¢29,768.00, and GH¢29,330.00 respectively.

A Deputy Minister, the second majority whip, and a deputy regional minister earns GH¢28,893.00. The second minority whip and the chairman of the council of state are paid GH¢28,455.00 while members of the council of state earn GH¢26,266.00.

Apart from these salaries, they also enjoy other privileges such as no payment of utility bills among others from the government.

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