Top 20 List Of Businesses In Ghana One Can Start With Little Capital

Top 20 List Of Businesses In Ghana One Can Start With Little Capital

Top 20 List Of Businesses In Ghana One Can Start With Little Capital

Establishing a business is the order of the day even though a lot of people have moved into seeking greener pastures through businesses for a while now, numerous statistics indicated that the majority of people are venturing into business at a high rate currently.


The big question is what business pay great? How can I also run a business and give a testimony to others?
How can my success story be a motivation to others?

These and many thoughts should be your daily tasks when you commit yourself to make a success of the business you always craved for.


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From adequate research and investigation into small scale businesses in Ghana, we have gathered avenues to invest in with little capital article.

Our research came out with the following list of top 20 businesses in Ghana one can start with little capital.


1) Starting a photographic service.


2) Selling phone accessories.

3) Operating a printing press.

4) Courier or delivery services.

5) Engage in interior designing.

6) Selling skincare products.

7) Become a content creator.

8) Starting a podcast.

9) Become an affiliate marketer.

10) Operating a haircut salon.

11) Engage in graphic designing.

12) Become a resume writer.

13) Become a freelancer.

14) Opening a fast-food joint.

15) Engaging in transport services.

16) Starting a small scale farm.

17) Operating a fitness center.

18) Trading is beads.

19) Manufacturing of local soaps.

20) Operate a mobile money agency.

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