Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating 2022?

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating 2022?

Relationships as a colourful daily experience as it may be and intense as they can get at times, almost everyone in the world dreams of being in one someday if not already, many things unravel under the umbrella of a relationship, two people trying to be alike is never easy. It is not surprising then that many people in this century tend to enquire about the relationship status of their adorable celebrities, well it’s part of the fun the world has been experiencing with these famous figures recently, so it’s not really an issue. Often times we need to dig deeper to get anything right when it comes to the personal relationship of celebrities.

Who Is Rivera?

Alexa Brooke Rivera was born on the 7th of June 2001 in California, USA. She is 5 ft 1 inch tall, a multiracial YouTuber, social media personality and a gymnast. She is 21 years old and an American by nationality.

Alexa’s channel on YouTube has 6.1 million subscribers, and she posts videos on the channel every Saturday. She has quite an impressive following, considering that she started posting on her channel just over a year ago. She has three elder brothers, Blake Rivera, Brice Rivera and Brent Rivera.

Lexi started gymnastics training as a child, and she quickly became a pro at it. She used to participate in school competitions, and she won the top prize during an inter-school competition. Her fans now get to see her gymnastics skills via social media. She recently posted an Instagram video of herself doing a gymnastic routine. Although she hit her head at times, it shows that she still retains affection and skills for her gymnastics. Lexi’s brother Brent created a YouTube channel for her titled “Lexiloulouu” to showcase her talent in August 2010, but as interest began to grow in her sister, he left the channel and focused on his own, that along the line led to the channel being stalled in 2012, but Lexi never gave up on being a permanent feature in the YouTube category. She will later keep appearing on her other two brothers’ YouTube channels, until she gained significant followers.

Lexi’s popularity grew on Instagram, and after a while, she decided to re-ignite her YouTube career. She posted her first YouTube video on 1st July 2018 in which she answered questions posted by her fans on Instagram. Rivera’s YouTube channel consists of fashion and beauty videos with a comedic twist. Lexi also posts challenge and prank videos.
She has deep love for gymnastics and fitness.

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating 2022?

Lexi Rivera is presently rumoured to be dating Andrew Davila, this is after breaking up with former boyfriend Ben Azelart. Ben Azelart who grew up in Huawei as a scateboarder, who posts pranks on his YouTube channel created about three years ago.
Although Ben and Lexi were close for many years, they both refrain from confirming that they are in a relationship, until they posted a breakup video on 22nd November 2020, people never knew whether to believe they are just friends or not, but the video proved that they dated in the past.

Rivera described the video as ‘long overdue’ before the pair showered praise on each other. They described it as a confusing on and off relationship. He explained that the online relationship never helped, ” we only get back at times to please our fans”, he noted. Ben further promised to back Lexi in any relationship she decides to go into.

Although the rumours are so intense that Lexi is currently dating Davila, she has continuously denied them.
On 28th March 2021, she attached the following caption alongside a couple of Instagram photos of her standing next to Andrew: “Bestie Vibes Only.” The rumours stated surfacing when she introduced Andrews to Ben as her new boyfriend in a movie the three of them featured in, titled ” my ex meets my new boyfriend”.

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So although the rumours of Alexa Brooke Rivera dating Instagram influencer Andrews Davila are immense, it might simply not be the case, because there is no confirmation to that as at now

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