Check out Whom and what you are imitating

We live in a complex and contemporary society where everybody wants to be like
another person. The pursuit or quest by many to fulfill this desire has caused many to choose role models and mentors.


The quest has also caused many to imitate or copy virtually everything they see those they wish to become like (mentors and role models) do. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not in any way saying having a mentor and role model is wrong; neither am I saying that imitating a role model and a mentor is wrong, No! That is not the point or picture I want to create. Having le mentors and role models are very important people in the life of an individual as long as the dreams, goals, aspirations, and purposes are concerned. It is very good to have a mentor and a role model.

Who then is your role model? Who is your mentor?
The twelve disciples had Jesus Christ as their mentor and role model. Timothy in the bible had Paul as his role model and mentor, Titus also in the bible had Paul as his mentor and role model. Do you also have a mentor and a role model? In your field of aspiration (teaching, ministry, entertainment, business, politics, driving, education, etc), who have you chosen as your mentor, and who have you chosen as your role model? It matters don’t ever trivializes the relevance or importance of role models and mentors in your life.


You will be doing yourself great harm. Jesus had a role model. God was the role model and mentor of our Lord Jesus Christ. You cannot be an exception. So, the question now remains, who would you want to have as your role model and who do you want to have as your Mentor? It is important to have role models and mentors.
Before you choose someone as your role model or mentor, ask these few questions;

  1. Who’s the person? (At least know a little information about the person you want to choose as your role model or mentor).
  2. Does the person wants me to be his or her mentee? (Mentors are closer to us than the role models, so before choosing a mentor, know whether the person is willing to accept you)
  3. What are the virtues or beliefs or philosophies the person believes in?
  4. Can you imitate him or her? (Examine to see whether the person you are choosing as a
    role model or mentor can be imitated).

Don’t just get up from bed and call someone your role model or mentor; there’s more into that.
Now let’s understand this, there is a quite difference between a role model and a mentor. A mentor is sometimes closer to you than a role model. Some people in Ghana have Bill Gates as their role models, that is cool, but he can’t be their mentor. Why?
Because a mentor must always be in contact with you, addressing your needs, problems, etc.

Who’s a Mentor?

A mentor is a person with knowledge and skills who can help develop the career of another person.


Who’s a mentee?

A mentee is a learner of a mentor. So, if mentorship is likened to the classroom, the mentor is a teacher, and the mentee is the student.

Who’s a role model?

A role model is a person you admire and tries to copy?
So, you must have both a role model and a mentor. That serves different purposes. Who’s your Mentor, and who’s your role model?
Now that we know who we can choose as a mentor and role model, I want to concentrate on the title of the article. Whom and what to imitate?

Many a time, when people choose mentors and role models, they are found copying or imitating absolutely everything regarding their mentors or role models. They copy the way they dress, the way they talk, walk, laughs, sings, addresses issues, and just to mention but a few other copyable things. These act of imitation or copying of mentors and role models has created a major problem and challenge to our society.

What is imitation?

Imitation simply is the act of copying something or someone.
This definition has no specifications. The act of copying (everything) from someone, and as a result that mentees wrongly imitate their role models and mentors.
Please don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that imitating a role model or mentor is wrong. No! What I want to put across or the picture I am trying to paint is, not everything is worth copyable from the mentors or role models. Your mentor or Role model’s way of life must not cause you to compromise on your virtues, beliefs, attitudes, and purpose. A lot of people have mentors and role models who are fond of dressing almost naked, smoking in public, insulting in public, creating conflicts, etc. Many who do not
understand the reality of imitation, have also resorted to the same manner of life because they are their role models and mentors. How pitiful!

As I said earlier, don’t just do it because your role model or mentor did it or does it, don’t say it because he says it, don’t sing it because he sings it, don’t eat it because he eats it.

Your Mentor or role model is not your “God”. He can make mistakes, don’t copy his human mistakes. Be vigilant and careful in your imitation or copying as long as your role models and mentors are concerned. Generally, in your imitation, be very careful.

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