PRESCOF Welcomes teacher Trainees to the Second Semester of 2021 Academic Year

Whatever be the length of the night, a day will certainly break. This is to alert you colleagues that so soon we have exhausted our stay home. We are going back to campus to resume academic works.

Given the current circumstances, there is the need for us to work together to maintain good health and safety standards in all our activities on campus not forgetting our core aim of sustaining the academic excellence and a personalized the attention that is synonymous with our college ethics.

This semester, we are hopeful that most of the activities that were put on hold due to covid 19 among which we have entertainment, sportlinter-halls) and akwaaba night can push through this time. For those who still may be having challenges with academics, we are optimistic that it will soon be fixed if not yet fixed. Do however not hesitate to share with us your opinions and grievances.

On this note, the PRESCOF, as by custom and courtesy, wants to wish every student a smooth start to the semester and also a
safe journey to campus, level 100 and 300 especially. May the good Lord be with us.

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