Gambaga Governing Council commissions ten unit block for the College

The introduction of the new B.ED program came to help alright but it also came with challenges and noticeably amongst them was the issue of infrastructural deficit
for which Gambaga University College of Education was of no exception.
The College Management was in dire need of an emergency project to accommodate students should school reopens.

Given this, the College Principal, Mr. Kassim Korah Nantomah, brought a proposal before the Governing Council of the College. The council includes a representative of the SRC who serves as a member of the council.

The proposal was the construction of a ten-unit dormitory block for the males and a Two units large hall dormitory block for the females.
After delving into the proposal, the Entity Tender Committee gave the College the go-ahead to carry out the project but the main emphasis was laid on how the college was going to fund the said project.

The principal gave the committee assurance that the project would be funded from the College’s own Internal Generated Fund(IGF). The committee then approved the proposal for the construction of the two blocks. The project was completed in the space of 26 weeks and the building was handed over to the school to curb the issue of inadequate accommodation.

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