Blended Learning in Colleges of Education and Challenges that oppose it flows in Ghana

Blended Learning in Colleges of Education and Challenges that opposes it Flow in Ghana

Although the online teaching and learning introduced in the Colleges of Education in Ghana are said to inculcate in teacher trainees, some core competencies such as communication, collaboration, global citizenship, and digital literacy, its associated ills, and dire effects cannot be overlooked. In this light, below are some confrontations associated with the virtual or online learning system introduced in the educational formations of the Colleges of Education;
i.Insufficient technical flair on the part of Students and tutors in the colleges of education with regards to the online system of learning.
ii. High cost of data bundle for the online lectures.
iii. Poor network connectivity in some parts of the nation adversely affects some students from fully participating in virtual learning.
iv. Exorbitant fees for blended education.
v. Inculcating content-based knowledge to teacher trainees to the detriment of practical and pedagogical skills needed by a teacher to effectively and efficiently teach in class.
vi. Teaching of virtually unfriendly courses like methodology, calculus, and the like which lead to mass failure of examination and rote learning.
vii. Health-related issues such as eye problems and migraines as an aftermath of prolonged stay on the phone for lessons.
Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana, therefore, is appealing to the stakeholders of teacher education to;
1.Organize INSET programs to sensitize tutors and trainees in the colleges of education to enhance their ability to use these technological and online platforms regarding online education.

  1. Negotiate with the telecommunication companies to ensure the reduction of the cost of data bundle for teacher trainees and also ensure proper network coverage on campuses of Colleges of Education.
    3.Moderate the school fees to suit the current situation of online education.

4.We highly implore the Government and the Ministry of Education to fast-track the
process of building more infrastructures to meet the growing population demands of colleges.

  1. We also recommend that the Ministry of Education (MoE), Ghana Tertiary Education
    Commission (GTEC), PRINCOF, and other Stakeholders engage private entities to help boost infrastructure in the various campuses particularly residential facilities to accommodate all batches on campus.

6.We beseech stakeholders to work collaboratively to install Wi-Fi facilities on various campuses to ensure easy and free access to the internet since students are left in the fate of deriving Information on the internet and it is no longer in the power of teachers to make handouts and other learning documents for students’ consumption.

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