Self School Placement Procedures For BECE Graduates 2022/2023,Check Now

Self Placement Procedures For BECE Graduates 2022/2023

Self Placement procedures for 2022 BECE Graduates 2022/2023.
This writing brings to the limelight step by step procedures for 2021 BECE Graduates to access the CSSPS self placement which was released on 26th March, 2022.
Moreover, BECE Graduates who have not been given school and are struggling to check their placements should not panic for there’s an easy way to their own school placements.

This development is embedded in computerised school selection placement system.
CSSPS is an intervention which gives opportunity to the graduates who have not been placed in a second circle institution of choice to enrol in SHS and Technical Vocational education and training ( TVET).
Graduates who have just wrote their BECE complained bitterly regarding their placement problems. Their complaint have been forwarded to the appropriate authorities under GES , and measures have been taken to address the predicament of the graduates.
The Ministry of education intervened by through the initiation of the self placement portal which allows candidates to still choose schools available for them. This intervention gives graduates second chance to continue their education.

Self School Placement Procedures For BECE Graduates 2022/2023


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