New updates on Nursing Trainees’ Allowances, Check Details.

New updates on Nursing Trainees' Allowances.

Nursing Trainee Allowances have been delayed which has generated a lot of rumours in the public domain as to whether the government is considering canceling them.
According to the Public relations officer of the Ghana Association of Health Training institutions, they said, the rumors about the cancellation of student training Allowances should be ignored by all students.
The Public relations officer of GAHTI added that on the 8th of March,2022, they held a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Health, Hon. Tina Gifty Naa Ayele concerning the student’s allowances and arrears for continuing and newly completed students.
The PRO for GAHTI further stated that he was assured that the allowances will be paid very soon and directives have been issued to that effect, hence students should keep their fingers crossed.
Moreover, on March 16, 2022, The President, Hon. Dagadu Patrick and the Veep Hon Teye made a follow-up and they were directed to the I.T department of the Ministry of Health.
The President and the Veep were informed that the arrears of the student’s allowances have been paid a week ago ain any time soon this month they will receive alerts.
Furthermore, ” All schools are to inform their I.T departments to make the necessary move as soon as possible since data is required to make the payment.

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