Characteristics of learners teachers need to consider in planning their lessons

For teaching to be effective and efficient, teachers must have thorough knowledge about the characteristics of their learners when writing their lesson plans.
The characteristics of the learner that teachers need to consider in writing their lesson include the following;


Socio-economic background: Here, we mean where the pupils live, the main occupation of their parents and the major occupation of the area should affect the decisions you take. For instance, the learning activities, as well as examples you will use, may depend upon the kind of socio-economic background the pupils come from.

The intellectual ability of learners: This can help you to decide the activities that may suit the intelligent ability of our pupils so that they will not become frustrated.


Relevant previous knowledge (RPK): When teachers are planning for their lesson, they use the class level they are teaching to assume the things they ought to know, which their previous knowledge is. This is wrong and teachers should therefore put in an activity at the beginning of the lesson to find the R.P.K of the pupils.

The level of development of your pupils: The type of activities you engage pupils in will depend upon the level of development of the pupils. Furthermore, the examples that would interest Basic 3 pupils may not excite Basic 6 pupils.
The attitude and motivational characteristics of pupils; may be related to the socio-economic background of pupils. For instance, pupils whose parents are illiterate.

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