Uncertain Semester but Mount Mary College of Education begins on-Campus Teaching Practice

The fever of the new semester could be seen all over the faces of students who in one way or the other are trying to familiarize themselves with the new system especially for level 100 students who have no idea what the second semester holds for them. This is as a
result of the fact that colleges of education are yet to begin lectures even though school resumed last week, the 8th of May.

Speaking to TWJ by some
college lecturers, it was noted that, because of the short academic calendar, lecturers were expected to undergo a 3 days workshop to get more insight into what is expected from them during the semester hence the delay in academic work.


However, the case is quite different for trainees in Mount Mary college of
education in Somanya as their lecturers have begun the orientation with trainees to begin their on-campus teaching practice.

The on-campus teaching
a practice which is a three (G) credit hours preparatory teaching practice for prospective level 200 the student is expected to equip trainees with the necessary skills as they prepare for
their out programs in the third year.
Though some Colleges have had their Orientation Sessions of the OCTP already, there are quite a several colleges that are yet to begin theirs in
this semester.

Ofori Samuel Kwasi student of Mount Mary College of Education
shared his experience with.
He said that “This new upshot brought new zeal to the continuing students who are impatiently waiting to take the mantle
as Certified Professional Teachers at the demonstration School here was notified and the pupils were made ready for the
OCTP to kick start.

Also, Tutors spectacularly demonstrated strong pedagogical skills and strategies for effective class management. Mount Mary College of Education
is well recognized for French College in the Nation and therefore the College cannot be mentioned without making mention of French Lessons.


The OCTP was based on the program one offers I must say that; it was the best experience I have had since I started this school.
The OCTP was a whole
week event which commenced on the 10th May 2021 and will end on Friday the 14th of May, 2021.

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