mBanqer Partners MMAAG to Support MoMo Agents, Details Here

mBanqer Partners MMAAG to Support MoMo Agents

mBanqer Partners MMAAG to Support MoMo Agents

The Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana (MMAAG) has endorsed the mBanqer application as a safer, faster and more convenient use for mobile money transactions by all agents across the country.
mBanqer has partnered with the association to protect its members and other stakeholders, including the Bank of Ghana, Local Government Ministry, and Telecommunication Networks, among others, to safeguard the business of mobile money agents and deliver the best of service to mobile money users.
The endorsement is a license that is given to both the mobile money agent and user to safely transact business in the easiest way possible by using essential technology and smart tools that have been engineered into the application.

mBanqer was designed with the mobile money agent in mind. Its numerous features, including graphic analytics, comprehensive records keeping, fraud reporting, and many others, are an upgrade to the system that has been used for mobile money transactions since its initiation in 2009.

This Initiative is good news for the Agents Association because it will help them act upon their mandate.

What does this partnership mean for mobile money users and mBanqer?

What individual merits will these groups of people derive from this partnership?

For Mobile Money Users;

This partnership is a documented licence given to all parties, thus mBanqer, the agent and the customer to transact business. It is proof that the application is safe to use, and users have a grand organization to hold responsible if there should be any mishap in the future.
Mobile money users also know that they are part of a larger entity that delivers services in mobile money growth and development, and better customer services relations, among others.

For mBanqer;

With this partnership and endorsement, the mBanqer application can reach a larger audience since the Agents Association has the needed influence.
The application has all the qualities it needs to do well on the market. Still, the influence of MMAAG puts a trusted tag on it to allow many others to consider using it. Regarding financial issues, gaining your customers’ trust cannot be overemphasized; it is a prerequisite.
More importantly, the endorsement gives the developers of mBanqer confidence to do more regarding mobile financial services.

Check out the key features of the mBanqer application below.

You can also download the application on the Google playstore and Apple store and join the smart mobile money joint train with over 5,000 other agents nationwide.

Key Features of mBanqer

  • Fast and Convenient
  • Records Keeping and Graphical Analytics
  • Fraud Protection
  • Extra Revenue from Outsourced Transactions
  • Offline Capability

The Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana calls on all mobile money agents to use this technology to safeguard their business and work faster and smarter for better customer relations and increased profits. Don’t be left behind. Join the thousands of mBanqer users today.

Download the app now!

For more information, visit the mBanqer website or download via the Play Store.

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