Is Energy A Good Career Path?, Check Now

Is Energy A Good Career Path?

Is Energy A Good Career Path?

People kept wondering if the energy sector is a good field to pursue a carrier in, well this article will serve you much valuable information.


Energy as we know is the ability to do work, it is what empowers a human, machine, an appliance to work or perform a task effectively. Mostly electricity is the major energy talked about, generated from hydropower, but the energy sector consists of a lot.
The energy sector is a category of companies in the business related to the production and supply of energy. According to the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS), the energy sector covers the companies that explore, produce, refine, market, store, and transport oil and gas, coal, and other consumable fuels. Companies offering oil and gas equipment are also considered part of the energy sector.

Some carriers in the energy sector


Primary duties: A welder operates machines that repair or manufacture various metal equipment, tools, or other structures. Their main duties include planning layouts through blueprints, measurements or drawings, welding beams, pipelines, and other components, and reviewing welded surfaces to find and repair any potential errors or issues.


Transmission system operator

Primary duties: Transmission system operators typically work at utility companies to oversee generators and operating systems for companies that access power grids. They work with machines and employees within the company to regulate the electricity flow from transmission lines to most industrial plants.

Wind turbine technician

Primary duties: Wind turbine technicians are responsible for installing, repairing, and performing routine maintenance on wind turbines.


Primary duties: An electrician installs, repairs, and designs power systems in a variety of locations like public spaces, factories, homes, and businesses. They may also be in charge of using diagrams and blueprints to diagnose various electrical problems, testing electrical systems, and installing electrical equipment, fixtures, and wiring.

Water treatment specialist

Primary duties: Water treatment specialists install water purification equipment items in different communities to help people access clean water when needed. Other common job duties include performing water quality tests, inspecting facilities to ensure their water doesn’t contain germs, diseases, or other hazardous chemicals, and informing community members on how to detect clean or unclean water.
Other carriers include chemists, geologists, nuclear power operators, solar panel installers, industrial engineers, Petroleum engineers, environmental engineers, and power plant operators among others.


In other to work in the energy sector, you must attain a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in various areas. You should also possess certain competent skills as listed below
• Technical know-how
• Teamwork and professionalism
• Project management
• Motivation and perseverance
• Intellectual curiosity


Among many reasons, energy is a good carrier path, some of such reasons are listed below

It offers diverse carrier paths: Various sub-industries exist in the energy sector, providing numerous opportunities to any individual, like the oil and gas industries. So you have diverse carriers to choose from.

High salaries: All over the world, the energy sector is at the apex when it comes to salaries, as well as other beneficial compliments that employees can request, such as inclasrgency leaves, and workload bonuses among others.

Offers the opportunity to work abroad: Research has shown that the younger generation loves going abroad if you are such a person, then the energy sector is perfect for you, it also has opportunities for people in rural and remote areas. If you don’t want to sit and be looking at the computer all day, then the energy sector is one of the rare fields that can take you to places all over the world.

Opportunity to make a difference: Many people want to make impacts and headlines for good reasons, rather than just working for its sake, if you aspire to be one of such people, then a carrier in energy is just okay for you. The most challenging situations facing the world these days are mostly related to energy, ideas and energies are needed for the sustainable supply of energy for an ever-growing population.

A transforming work culture: There is a greater emphasis on factors such as inclusion and diversity, no sector comes close to the energy sector in these regards. Even though there is still work to be done, the energy sector has leaped ahead in these areas to make the sector attractive to youngsters.

We are happy about your engagement, we believe you have accrued a lot.

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