Are Sodapoppin And Veibae Dating?

By | October 29, 2022
are Sodapoppin And Veibae Dating?

Are Sodapoppin And Veibae Dating?

if Sodapoppin has a girlfriend, then that will be no other than Viebae, the relationship which they seemed to have confirmed through their many discord interaction which led to the development of more connected affections between them, after their fabulous performances on twitch. The first appearance of Veibae was during one of Chance’s streams that also featured Rofllgator, also known as Rob, another streamer. The three of them, together with some other streamers, put on a dating show in which the contestant would make an effort to gain Veibae’s affection.

However, in March 2022, they started to have a back and forth statements on twitch via the “Schooled” program that airs on Mizkif’s channel, which left fans confused if their supposed relationship is still ongoing.
The argument was later concluded by Viebae saying that, they were no longer together. Since that encounter in March this year, the two have never been seen in public, so it’s unclear whether they are still dating or not.

After seemingly confirming their relationship in January, the brouhaha of march left everything open, but we can’t also conclude that they’ve had a breakup, So, it’s not safe to conclude that Sodapoppipn and Veibae are still dating as much as the fans would like it to be, neither should we say they have parted ways for now.

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