Short Vacation as Colleges of Education resumes today

It was a dream come true when
the overstretched first semester
of the academic year came to an
end on the 27th of April 2021
Trainees from across the Forty
Six (46) colleges of education left
their various campuses to their
respective homes, full of joy as
they embarked on a 3-weeks

However, it all comes to an end today as colleges resume. Interactions with continuing students from across the nation revealed that, in as much as most
trainees would have wished to have their holidays extended to afford them time to fulfill all that they had planned for, others would rather resume early so they can have the opportunity to graduate college and have the time and liberty to do all they wish to do.

It is quite interesting to note that most trainees take solace in the fact that the second semester of the academic year is shorter and hence, much consideration is not given to the workload and academic pressure this short semester comes along with.

Speaking to the vice president of TTAG, Mr. Richard Mensah Koranteng on his expectations for the new semester as a continuing student, told TWI that “we
expect continuing students to take
their academics seriously and make good use of their time as they seek a better future in the wake of the new standards in
education. He went on to wish all trainees the best as they report back to their colleges to begin a new semester and to
end the academic year.

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