Strategies that teachers can use in improving Classroom communication in Schools

Effective teaching is synonymous with effective communication. since there can be no separation of the goal to improve teaching and the goal to improve communication.

The following are suggestions that may be useful to teachers in their effort to achieve Successful communication with their students. Some points may seem obvious but it is our experience that it is often the more obvious things that seem to be most neglected.

Make an effort to improve your speaking ability or cell. Learn to speak in a direct, confident, friendly, and conversational fashion.
Vary the tone of your voice and the rate of your speech to obtain desirable effects.
a teacher’s voice will reveal whether he is Inspired and enthusiastic about his subject matter, or whether He is bored, tired, irritated, or indifferent about what he is saying.
When speaking, pronounce every word distinctly and loud enough to be heard by everyone without yelling or without using too much energy.

organize and plan your message in this case your subject matter) in a logical, and easy to understands manner.
You may be able to use with elect Aristotle’s suggestions in the art of persuasion. useful, even necessary, because no matter how Keeny your
audience (students) attend to what you are saying, their attention may wander due to physical or mental fatigue or Some kind of noise.

Assess the needs, abilities, and possible interests of your students. Adjust your choice of words, concepts, and Examples to suit them. Do not take it for granted that because something is interesting to you, it will equally be interesting to your listeners.

Be a good listener. Listen attentively to students’ questions, answers, or comments. They become more interested and satisfied if they know that you too consider what they say.

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