Download Mathematical Investigation Past Questions

Download Mathematical Investigation Past Questions

Overview Of Mathematical Investigation

The course focuses on investigations in mathematics. It is to introduce students to problem-solving techniques by way of making simple investigations with patterns of shapes and numbers. It also highlights the need for inductive reasoning and reflective thinking. The goal is to help prospective high school mathematics teachers acquire the knowledge and skills in practices necessary for relating mathematics to real-life situations for successful teaching and learning of the subject. In other words, the course is aimed at helping students to identify and develop practical strategies for solving real-life mathematics problems. The contents to be covered in this course include Problem, Problem Solving, and Investigation in Mathematics, Levels of Understanding in Mathematics, Types of Mathematics Tasks, Values of Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving and the investigation, Problem Solving, and Investigation Strategies (George Polya’s, John Mason’s, and ‘IDEAL’ etc
Models), Principles that guide the Teaching of Problem Solving, Teaching For Problem Solving, Teaching About
Problem Solving, Teaching Through Problem Solving, Role of the Teacher in Teaching Problem Solving, Challenges in Teaching Problem Solving; Problem Solving and Investigation Tasks (Teasers, Number and Algebra-related problems, Geometry-related Problems, and Logic–related Tasks. The approaches that would be used in the delivery of this course should prepare trainees to ensure the learning progress of all students by projecting gender roles and issues relating to equity and inclusivity.

Download Mathematical Investigation Past Questions Here

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