NAGRAT Offers TTAG-EGA An Office Space

By | July 23, 2022
NAGRAT Offers TTAG-EGA An Office Space


As part of the 26TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY of Eastern – Greater Accra Sector of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana had the stakeholder engagement which gave room for concerned stakeholders of Teacher Education in Ghana to educate students and student leaders on their operations and their roles. It was in this occasion that the Sector President, Mr. Owusu Prince Kwabena, on behalf of the leadership of TTAG-EGA SECTOR elaborated on the achievements, challenges and action plans for the sector. As part of his presentation, he stressed on the effects posed by the lack of Secretariat for the sector and the progress his leadership has embarked on in quest of acquiring one.

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Mr Awoonor-Yevu Godwin, The Eastern Regional Chairman for the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) in his presentation recognized the importance of Secretariat and acknowledged the lamentations of such in the Sector President’s presentation. In respect of that, Mr. Awoonor-Yevu with good fate and passion for the welfare of Teacher Trainees, on behalf of the leadership of Eastern Regional NAGRAT Chapter donated to the leadership ofTTAG – EGA an office space to be used as the Sector’s Secretariat in the interim.

He further assures the TTAG-EGA Leadership of the unflinching support and solidarity of NAGRAT and their willingness to help develop TTAG.

TTAG-EGA Publicity and Editorial Team.

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