Update On Teacher Trainees Allowance, Check Full Details

Allowance update: Good news for Teacher Trainees on Allowance

Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) has good news for all Teacher Trainees across the 46 Colleges of Education in the country.

Several groups are spreading that STLF will not disburse allowance to Teacher Trainees because the government has scrapped the allowance due trainees.

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The said groups and individuals referred to the update by TTAG. In the recent update by TTAG, it could be recalled that they did not update trainees on allowance.

Their focus was only on academic works and resolving of affiliated University’s results release.

Based on sideling the update of trainees on allowance in TTAG’s recent update, trainees are pushed to assume that allowance is over.

According to our thorough confirmation, we have found out that the government has budgeted an amount of money (GH¢241,913.00) to cater for the payment of allowances in this very 2022/2023 academic year hopeful.

In addition, another update made by SLTF is upgrading the system.

As usual, trainees are aware of how Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) goes through when it’s time to disburse funds to them.

SLTF disclosed that they have worked on their system challenge hence, allowance disbursement will not be a challenge anymore.

The above is good news for all Teacher Trainees across the forty-six (46) Colleges of Education in Ghana.

The 2022/2023 academic year allowance will be disbursed soon. Kindly keep your E-Zwitch cards safe for loading.

In case yours has expired kindly renew it as quickly as possible.

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