The Beauty behind Covid-19

Undoubtfully, man always comes across challenges, these challenges come in a different form. The one thing the world is fighting against is the CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC that broke out in November 2019 in Wuhan a province in China.

The virus shortly mentioned as COVID-19 is known to be transmitted in various ways, and these are the ways man away cannot do away with. Many tag the virus to be deadly; because of its high rate of transmission and its slow recovery rate. But the unrealized truth is, there are more deadly things than this pandemic, of which this pandemic has come to bring survival to humans.

Every year, month, week, day, hour. more things are claiming the lives of humans.
These things include motor or vehicle accidents, natural disasters such as floods, other ailments to mental, and even political influence together with social influence. The be mentalhind the COVID-19 economically, is that it led to a drastic reduction of fuel price like never before in worldwide of which has tremendously influenced our market. Thanks to
covid-19, it exposed the greeinfluencee of our traders, usually, we blame the government for the increase in prices yet forgetting that we are all involved, now that the is the reduction of fuel on the world market, what do we see?

Talking of Economy, we can not exclude the BOSS of all time INFLATION”. Most countries affected by the pandemic either directly or indirectly will be battling with the rise of inflation because businesses are being shut down and the income gender-at is less.
This is the time for us to realize who are or what do we call competent leaders? According to His Excellency Nana A.D. Akuffo Addo, stated that.” bringing back the economy only they can but what they can’t o is to bring back human life”. Well, there nothing beautiful than being able to separate sheep from goat thanks to covid-19.

The good book says, “everything shall pass away except the word of God” the big question is, is what is the good book saying true? well, the hypocritic nature of h vanity has caused our downfall that is why sometimes, some people believe that God intentionally brought the pandemic, whilst others think vice versa. But one thing is sure, God said he won’t let anything or harm come upon his children. If so, then who are you? Due to covid-19, awareness has been created about religion and also brought people back to God. Once, a heartbreaking prayer was said by an American senator crying to God for mercy and help, after noticing all their ambition, wealth, and technology that made them
felt superior to other nations proves futile, they had to confess to God and ask for forgiveness of sin. Not just that most leaders declared national fasting and prayer to seek for the Almighty intervention, and also the pandemic has put a kind of satellite on the denomination leaders’ deeds and doings and those who act in accordance to the will of God as well as those who do vice versa. Isn’t it beautiful now this is the time for man to redeem their faith and follow the right path.? Social life has changed, due to the pandemic, now we are all equal. Gone arsociallyays were another feel pompous in greeting or responding to a handshake from his fellow now equality has been created hook or crook everyone is yearning for the same cause or reason.

Most people have learned to give, meanwhile on a normal day it just a few who see the need to help his or her fellow, even when you ask you don’t get but the beauty behind the covid-19 has enforced the principles “SHARING IS CARING”.Talking of philosophy of life one of it that cannot be omitted is “CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS”. the beauty behind covid-19 is that it has created Awareness, Implemented, and Enforced the popular saying “CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS”. The problem with man is that we do no practice what web reach. thanks to this pandemic massive cleaning exercises are been undertaking, man’s lifestyle regarding cleanliness has improved, and a massive reduction of environmental pollution.

Even when it’s about to rain, the dark clouds formed even have some part of it Somewhere which is a bit bright. as the saying goes, everything that has a negative side surely has a positive side, and the positive side of the covid-19 overweighs the negative side.

we now know who the competent leaders are, it has also brought about the acquisition of job skills and great increase of the use of technology, it has also for another time in history giving the world a common goal and finally creating awareness of the fact that “NOTHING IS WORTH IN THIS WORLD THAN LIFE”. Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?

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